ChiaoGoo Needles, Hooks & Accessories

Need needles, hooks or other knitting notions? Flying Fibers offers a large selection of needles and hooks for all of your knitting and crochet needs.
Our favorite needle are from ChiaoGoo. These needles are amazing and very affordable, they were designed by a fourth generation bamboo furniture making family in China. Here at Flying Fibers we carry the complete line of ChiaoGoo premium bamboo knitting needles and hooks along with RED Stainless Steel Circulars; Regulars (with the bend) and Lace. This company is dedicated to offering high quality products with great value. In addition to ChiaoGoo we also carry a selection of other needles and accessories as listed below.
If you wish to order any of our needles or accessories please call us at (717)898-8020 and we will be happy to ship them to you if you can't visit us in person.

TWIST & SPIN Interchangeables from ChiaoGoo!!!

The ChiaoGoo interchangeable needles have arrived! We currently have the Red Lace Complete Kit IN STOCK NOW

RED Stainless Steel Circulars

The ChiaoGoo original premium line of stainless steel circulars - ChiaoGoo RED - has a flexible,non-curling multi-strand, nylon-coated, steel cable allowing for your yarn to slide right over. the cables are composed of thin strands of stainless steel that are coated in red nylon.
Available in lengths 9"- US sizes 0 to 5, 12"- US sizes 0 to 8, 16", 24", 32" and 40"- US sizes 0 to 11

RED Lace Stainless Steel Circulars

ChiaoGoo RED Lace Circulars have the same awesome red cable, joins and overall quality as our regular REDs with a couple of differences. These new RED Lace circulars have no bend in the needle and the tips are pointier - just spectacular! Needle size is laser imprinted on each RED Lace circular. Available in lengths 16"- US sizes 0 to 15, 24" US sizes 0 to 13, 32" US sizes 0 to 19 and 40"- US sizes 2 to 9

Stainless Steel Double Points

made of high grade stainless steel these 6" (15 cm) double points have precisely machined and perfectly tapered tips. They have a smooth satin-sheen finish with the size permanently laser imprinted on each needle. While lightweight and durable these needles are also 100% recyclable! Available in US sizes 0 to 6

ChiaoGoo Bamboo Circulars

ChiaoGoo bamboo circulars (sizes 3 and up) have a smooth join and flexible cable that swivels! Sizes 0 - 2 have the same type cable as our RED circulars.
Needle size is permanently laser marked on the needles.
Available in lengths 9"- US sizes 0 to 6, 12"- US sizes 0 to 10, 16" US sizes 0 to 10, 24", 32" and 40"- US sizes 0 to 11

Bamboo Single Points

Bamboo Single Points are available in 9"/23cm and 12"/30cm Needle size is permanently laser marked on the needle and cap. We carry US sizes 0 to 50

Blue Flower Single Points

Blue Flower Single Point needles are perfect for yourself or a knitting friend. Available in US sizes 6 to 10 these needles are packaged in a gift box for easy gift giving.

Bamboo Double Points

These easy on the hands Double Points are available in 6" (15cm) and 8"(20cm). Needle size is permanently laser marked on the needles. We carry US sizes 0 to 15

Metal Head Crochet Hooks w/Bamboo Handle

Metal head crochet hooks have a flat bamboo handle that fits comfortably in your hand.

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