Nestled in the valley of the Susquehanna River is White Rose Acres; home to Flying Fibers Flock. Flying Fibers Flock consists of Jeri’s rare breed North American Wensleydale sheep, and Irina’s endangered Leicester Longwool sheep and Satin Angora rabbits. All of the products that come from the farm are PA Preferred, and any purchase of the farm products supports each rare breed animal's preservation. The PA Preferred program was created to ensure that Pennsylvanians are supporting fellow Pennsylvanians. By purchasing products made in PA you are making a difference by restoring pride in our homegrown products and helping our economy.

Together this mother-daughter team strives to bring excellent quality products to the public, as well as preserve rare breed animals through education. Look for their flock fiber in-store and online, along with some handspun yarns.

Jeri Robinson-Lawrence - Lancaster County, PA

Co-owner of Flying Fibers, Jeri offers hand painted, rare breed English Wensleydale yarn and roving. She is a passionate dyer who uses a vivid color palette for her one of a kind yarns. You can also find yarns and roving from her own flock of North American Wensleydale sheep that are raised in York County.

Irina Lawrence - Lancaster County, PA

The youngest artist of the Flying Fibers team and co-owner, Irina offers a variety of yarns for any knitter and crocheter. She offers hand-dyed yarns perfect for socks or shawls and handspun yarn. Her handspun yarn specializes in unusual blends of fiber along with Angora from her own rabbits, and Leicester Longwool from her own rare breed flock. 

In addition, you will find handmade soaps, lotions, and her beautiful photographs of sheep in their natural habitat of Yorkshire, England.

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