Need needles, hooks or other knitting notions?  Flying Fibers offers a large selection of needles, hooks, and accessories for all of your fiber arts needs.


We are proud to carry Addi products which are made in Germany. Their needles and crochet hooks are a delight to work with! 

Addi FlipStix


FlipStix allow the best of both worlds - one end is sharp, the other is rounded, allowing knitters to choose the right point for every project.  Each set comes with 5 needles and is fabricated from high-grade aluminum. 

Addi Colors


The addiColours crochet set includes 9 addi® Color-coded crochet hooks, in an easy-to-store travel case. Set includes addi’s® Color-coded hooks in metric sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, and 6mm. They are Irina's favorite crochet hooks!

Knitter's Pride Karbonz


Knitter's Pride Karbonz Knitting Needles are revolutionary needles that combine the premium quality of carbon fiber with perfectly shaped nickel plated brass tips! Carbon fiber is ideal for knitting needles on account of its high tensile strength, light weight and comes with a surface that offers excellent control over the stitches.

ChiaoGoo Needles, Hooks & Accessories

Our favorite needles are manufactured by ChiaoGoo. These amazing needles are very affordable and were designed by a fourth generation bamboo furniture making family from China. Flying Fibers carries the complete line of ChiaoGoo RED Stainless Steel Lace Circulars, premium bamboo knitting needles, and the bamboo handle crochet hooks. The company is dedicated to offering high quality products with great value. 

TWIST & SPIN Interchangeables from ChiaoGoo.

ChiaoGoo interchangeable needles are spectacular according to our customers and ravelry users alike. We regularly have the Red Lace Complete Kit  IN STOCK.  The complete kit includes needle tips from size 0-15, size 14", 22", and 30" cables, stitch markers, and a knit gauge tool.

RED Lace Stainless Steel Circulars

ChiaoGoo RED Lace Circulars have the same awesome red cable, joins and overall quality as our regular REDs with a couple of differences. RED Lace circulars have no bend in the needle and the tips are pointier - just spectacular! Needle size is laser imprinted on each RED Lace circular.

RED Stainless Steel Circulars

The ChiaoGoo original premium line of stainless steel circulars - ChiaoGoo RED - has a flexible,non-curling multi-strand, nylon-coated, steel cable allowing for your yarn to slide right over. the cables are composed of thin strands of stainless steel that are coated in red nylon.

Stainless Steel Double Points

Made of high grade stainless steel these 6" (15 cm) double points are precisely machined and have perfectly tapered tips. They have a smooth satin-sheen finish with the size permanently laser imprinted on each needle. While lightweight and durable these needles are also 100% recyclable!

ChiaoGoo Bamboo Circulars

ChiaoGoo bamboo circulars have a smooth join and flexible cable. Needle size is permanently laser marked on the needles.

Bamboo Single Points

Bamboo Single Points are available in 9" and 12". Needle size is permanently laser marked on the needle and cap.

Bamboo Double Points

These easy on the hands, Double Points, are available in 6" and 8". Needle size is permanently laser marked on the needles.

Metal Head Crochet Hooks with Bamboo Handle

Metal head crochet hooks have a flat bamboo handle that fits comfortably in your hand while the metal hook works your yarn swiftly and smoothly.