Spinning and Weaving Equipment Available

Flying Fibers offers Ashford, Kromski, Majacraft, Schacht and Louet products. If you are looking for a quality spinning wheel, loom, hand cards, shuttles, or any other spinning or weaving accessories we can help you. If a product is not in stock we will happily order it for you.



Experience the joy and pleasure of creating your own unique yarns, fabric, garments and home ware using Ashford spinning wheels, weaving looms, fibres and yarns. In 1934 Walter Ashford founded Ashford Handicrafts in New Zealand, a company that has become a world leader in the manufacture of quality wooden textile equipment. Weaving and spinning are easy and enjoyable crafts that are sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly.


Kromski N.A. supplies spinning and weaving products and accessories while providing expert knowledge and service. Imported from Wolsztyn, Poland, Kromski wheels and looms are not only beautiful, but made of the highest quality construction. Three generations of the Kromski family have practiced the art of woodturning since they started their business in 1918.

Schacht Spinning and Weaving Company

Schacht Spindle Company Inc. is a Boulder, Colorado based company that manufactures handweaving equipment such as looms, spinning wheels, and spindles.


Majacraft is a small family owned and operated company dedicated to the development of the finest double treadle spinning wheels. Our aim is to produce spinning wheels that are so easy to use that the beginner can spin easily and comfortably but also that place no limitations on the creativity of the advanced spinner, they are truly a wheel for everyone.

Louet North America

For over a quarter century, the Louët team in Holland has been researching, designing, experimenting, and consulting with you, the customer, to create a superior line of spinning wheels an weaving looms. Louët is known for their high quality, suitability and original design to all their products which ultimately mean ease of use for comfortable and productive weaving.

Wheels are made of laminated hardwood with a "birch" exterior finish.

The Wheel Room

If you are interested in purchasing a wheel from us, we offer a variety of floor models to sit and spin at. Sitting down at a wheel before buying one is important so you can learn what is comfortable before you make the commitment. It also is a great way to compare the looks of the different wheels we carry! As long as we are not busy with customers, we are more than happy to assist you with finding your forever wheel.