Flying Fibers offers the largest selection of roving in Central PA!

  • English Wensleydale: Wool from this breed is acknowledged as the finest lustre long wool in the world. The fleece from a purebred sheep is considered kemp free and curled or purled to the end.

  • North American Wensleydale from Flying Fibers Flock (when available): Wool from the N.A. Wensleydale is very close to that of the English Wensleydale in feel and texture. New stock is added after each shearing of our flock, quantities are limited.

  • Merino: The Merino is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its wool. The breed is originally from Turkey and central Spain (Castille), and its wool was highly valued in the Middle Ages. Today, Merinos are still regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

  • Blue Faced Leicester: Blue Faced Leicester (or BFL), is a wonderfully soft longwool fiber perfect for spinners of any level. In store you can find BFL top natural or hand-dyed by Jeri, and custom blended by Jeri or Irina. 

  • Leicester Longwool from Flying Fibers Flock (when available): Leicester Longwool sheep date back to the 1700s, and were found in the Midland counties of England. It was developed by Robert Bakewell, who was the foremost exponent of modern animal-breeding techniques in the selection of livestock. The fleece should be dense (having thick and blocky clumps of wool also known as the staple). It should be lustrous, indicating the shine on the wool, and should have a well-defined crimp or wave from skin to tip. The common fibre diameter for a Leicester Longwool is 32 to 38 micrometres (microns).

  • Shetland: Shetland sheep have for generations been noted for their very soft and well crimped fleece. The wool is the finest of all native breeds and shows an amazing variety of colors and markings. There are 11 main whole colors and 30 recognized markings. By selecting from colored fleeces a range of naturally colored  yarn can be produced. This eliminates the need for dyeing and therefore retains the soft feel of the natural fiber and is favored by those who prefer a totally natural approach.

  • Gotland: The Gotland’s fleece is considered to be among the best in the world for spinning and weaving. It is the very high luster and well-defined crimp, along with the array of silver and gray shades that make the fleeces highly desirable to hand spinners, knitters and weavers. Gotland wool ranges from 29 to 33 microns and [with respect to scoured weight] they are very high yielding.

  • Natural Colored sheep wool: A medium grade wool grown locally from sheep bred in a spinner's flock.
  • Yak: A long-haired bovine that yields two basic types of fiber. The permanent, coarse outer "guard hairs" are ideal for braiding or weaving into utilitarian items such as bags, tents, saddle blankets, ropes or halters. The soft inner "down" fiber, which insulates the yak during winter and is shed each spring, is spun into luxury yarn for a soft, cashmere-like wool.

We regularly have additional local fibers, and luxury fibers in stock when available.

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