Wensleydale Longwool SheepShop

Exclusive United States Retailer

Flying Fibers is proud to be the exclusive retailer in the United States for the Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Shop yarns. We have been importing these yarns from Yorkshire England for many years. You may visit us at MD Sheep & Wool Festival or stop in at our shop to feel and see the yarns for yourself. If you can't make it to see us in person we are happy to ship directly to you from our online store. 

Why use Wensleydale yarns and wool?

Wensleydale is a longwool breed of sheep with a splendid sheen and beautiful purl (the natural curl of the wool). The wool can range in length from 10-12 inches each year. These beautiful animals come from the Dales Region of Yorkshire, England and are considered a rare breed according the to Rare Breed Survival Trust.

Anyone who has worked with the yarns of a Wensleydale will tell you that the wool is incredibly durable and can be worn hard while still having a fabulous hand and drape.

Wensleydale yarns are available in 4-ply, DK, and Aran weights. Please note that colors will vary from monitor to monitor. Wensleydale Sheepshop colors are very rich in color and gem like overall.

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