Flying Fibers Weekend Workshop
June 13-16, 2019

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Join us as we host our first biennial Flying Fibers Weekend Workshop! A weekend of knitting classes and camaraderie, this is the perfect way to unwind and flex your knitting skills in a rural, quiet setting. 

Gather together at the Susquehanna Manor which is a gorgeous 1840’s mansion located in scenic Marietta, PA. Three days and three nights will be spent together with 6 sessions of classes and workshops - totaling 16 hours of instruction. 

We will be offering homemade meals throughout the weekend (3 breakfasts, 2 lunches and a dinner), as well as organizing a group dinner at a local eatery.

Our weekend will feature classes with knitwear designers Rachel Brockman and Pam Sluter, and workshops with Jeri Robinson-Lawrence and Irina Lawrence. Each day and evening you will be immersed in classes to flex your skills and extend your knowledge on knitting and crafting techniques. The classes will range from cables, finishing, shawl construction, designing hats, and more. There will be downtime to take in all that you have learned, while knitting and chatting with old friends, and new ones! 

Guest Teachers

Rachel Brockman

Photo by Rachel Brockman, 2018

Photo by Rachel Brockman, 2018

Rachel Brockman is a designer for Universal Yarn and an independent designer. When she isn't knitting, she's probably playing with her pups, climbing, or watching John Carpenter's The Thing for the millionth time with her husband.

Pam Sluter

Photo by Pam Sluter, 2018

Photo by Pam Sluter, 2018

Pam Sluter is a knitting designer and teacher from Rhode Island. When she isn't playing with yarn she enjoys reading, being outdoors, spending time with her family and trying to figure out if she'll ever not have laundry to do. Her favorite things are M&M's, coffee, chickens, dogs, beer and farm yarns but not necessarily in that order.



All About Hats with Pam Sluter

Hats are the perfect canvas to learn the basics of knit design. In this class, we will look at various construction methods, and how to incorporate lace, cable, or colorwork designs. This class is a great starting point for those who want to explore design.

Shawl Shapes with Pam Sluter

In this class, knitters will explore several shawl shapes through a series of mini shawls. Topics covered will include provisional cast on, garter tab, pros and cons of various increases and decreases, yarn choice and more. 


Foundations & Flexibility in Cable Knitting with Rachel Brockman

When I began knitting, the first technique I wanted to try was cabling. Somehow I crossed the stitches every row and wondered what I was doing wrong and why my stitches were impossibly tight. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to understand a beautifully basic 2/2 cross, and the incident didn’t instill a fear of cables within me. Especially in the last few years, I have been increasingly drawn to cable knitting.

What I find most exciting about it is how the simplest of crosses can create beautiful and elaborate designs. Whether you place a combination of them side by side in panels or play with the possibilities of traveling stitches, exploring cable knitting is a real joy. In Foundations & Flexibility in Cable Knitting, we’ll take a look at the simplest cable stitches and explore their possibilities. Some skills covered involve correcting mistakes, evening out tension, cabling without a needle. Working with graph paper, we’ll create our own charts and make our cable experiments and make them a reality!

Finishing as You Started with Rachel Brockman

Before we begin our knitting projects we spend time preparing – selecting the perfect yarn, beautiful pattern, and (hopefully) with a swatch. I could go on for ages about how useful and important swatches are, but even if you are a knitter that avoids swatching like the plague – casting on a new project has a magic to it. To finish as you started is to put the final touches on your projects with the same love and care you put into when you started, not to mention the hours you’ve spent knitting. I know it can be tempting to rush the process, but there are so many reasons to slow down as you finish a project. In this class, we’ll learn all about the benefits and how-to of seaming, blocking, weaving in ends, and some fun personal touches you can add to your projects.

Registration and Pricing

Registration is OPEN

To sign up:
Registration is limited to 14 students. We encourage you to sign up quickly. Should registration close, you are given the opportunity to put your name on a waiting list.

* $250.00 USD non-refundable deposit due for workshop at time of registration, made payable by clicking the “Purchase/Add to Cart” button. Payment of balance is due by March 31st. You will receive an invoice reminder in mid-March.

Cost of the Flying Fibers Weekend Workshop:
$750.oo USD
(includes all workshops, evening events, 3 nights lodging in shared rooms, all meals from June 14 through June 16)

There are no one-day classes available. We are not able to offer any partial attendance at this time.
Even though the Susquehanna Manor itself is pet-friendly, we are requesting that beloved pets stay behind at home rather than attend the Flying Fibers Weekend Workshop


3272 Maytown Rd
Marietta, PA 17547


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