Over the Sea to Skye: First Reflection

Hello there! This blog post will be a bit different from the usual farm chatter. Last month, Jeri and I took a group of shop customers Over the Sea to Skye with the help of Heather, a fabulous knitting travel agent! In this first blog post, I will reflect on the first half of our trip, and share photos from our time there. I hope that this stunning display of scenery and history will entice you to join us for our future trips, as we had such a fantastic time! So let's get started, shall we?




Welcome to Edinburgh, the city of bright colors, lovely people, and of course some fab yarn shops! There was such a stunning amount of architecture throughout the city, we were so fortunate to be able to explore this place during the first few days of our trip.


With a stunning view of the Edinburgh Castle from where we were located, the city was a charming mix of old, new and organic. Whilst walking around, you could find ancient buildings, geometric patterns, and the prettiest foxglove gardens complete with bunting blowing in the breeze.


While we were in Edinburgh we got a tour of Dovecot Studio and got to see the weavers in progress creating the most lovely tapestry pieces. In addition, they had a lovely gift shop filled with the nicest things, all handmade by artists throughout the UK. 


We had a lovely tea at the Tower Restaurant which sits on the rooftop of the National Museum of Scotland. This was after having a guided fiber arts tour through the museum, looking at the textiles throughout the whole museum from various eras. 


While we were in Edinburgh, we did a yarn crawl too. In the excitement of it all, I did not grab photos, but we were lucky enough to visit Ysolda's private studio full of lovely yarn goodies. In addition, we hit up Ginger Twist Studios, the smallest but most brilliant yarn shop in Edinburgh (lots of hand-dyed loveliness), and finally, we visited Kathy's Knits, which was full of lovely wooly Scottish yarns from various mills around the country. 

After an absolutely fun-filled but busy time in Edinburgh, it was off to the Highlands! Join me in my next blog post as we explore the Highlands, and travel Over the Sea to Skye.

DISCLAIMER: Jamie Fraser did not appear in the Highlands while we were there. But there were quite a few kilts walking around! 


Until next time,