Sustainability at Flying Fibers

As we start to move into the month of April, which hosts the worldwide annual event, Earth Day, I think it is important to look at the ways Flying Fibers is committed to being more sustainable, and eco-friendly as a business. 

Firstly, we wear wool! We also have sheep that grow wool for you (and us!). Wool is an incredible fiber and textile which is completely sustainable, fire retardant, renewable, reusable….I could go on forever. I think that this graphic from the Campaign for Wool describes it best. 


Secondly, when dyeing we reuse water as much as possible. We made the conscious decision when starting our Yorkshire Medley yarn line to use earth-friendly, low-metal dyes. This means that the dye fully absorbs onto the fiber, and we can reuse the water in the dye pot until the end of the dye day. Even at the end of the dye day, there is no dye material left in the water, and therefore clear, clean water is being discarded. When you think that Jeri can dye up to 350-400 skeins in a weekend, that is a lot of water preserved! 

Third, within our yarn shop, we work with companies who are working hard to minimize their carbon footprint. All of the companies we carry have traceable materials, sourced within their country. This is also why we specialize in USA or UK made products, the companies use wool from traceable origins, which means no importing from incredibly far away!

We also have a few other ways to promote sustainability within our yarn shop. We heavily encourage customers to bring their own shoppers for when they checkout. This reduces the number of paper shoppers we give out in the day. Plus if you let us know that you have brought your own shopper at checkout, we add a little ‘thank you’ perk to your receipt!

For when we hold events at the shop, we have reusable mugs to use instead of throw-away hot cups for coffee and tea. For cold drinks, we have cups made with corn-based PLA, which is a completely compostable material - we also have utensils made out of that material, for when we can’t help but celebrate something with sweets and treats.

We hope that as you go into April, you think a little bit more about how you can reuse, reduce, and use wool - I know we will!